It’s not just about the physical structure that we see, but the entire atmosphere that makes up the ambience and gives the structure its very special characteristics. For us, every project is a journey. We take in the needs of our clients and engineer our skills to match these needs. But our journey ends there not. It progresses to be a continuous affiliation as one for a lifetime. Our ideas and insights, designs and technical knowledge, drawings and specifications, management, coordination and decision-making all balances in providing pioneering solutions to any construction requirement.

  1. Take clients instructions
  2. Site Visit
  3. Concept
  4. Sketch design
  5. Rough estimate, detailed estimate
  6. Drawings for local approvals
  7. Architectural working drawings and details
  8. Schedules
  9. Specifications and schedule of quantities
  10. Tender documents and assist the client in finalizing the tender document
  11. Supervise the work to ensure quality, accuracy and finish
  12. Measurements, certify bill to the contractor

‘Build with Nature’, is what we focus most on during the designing process. We believe that, any building should be built in context with the local construction material, location, culture, purpose, historical background, lifestyle etc. The design should be in harmony with the elements which we live with. We provide channels to let in the cool breeze, the warm sunlight and the very essence of nature.

Our designers work collaboratively within a unified, multi-disciplinary office setting. This approach facilitated by 3D modeling technology, results in integrated and facilitated designs tailored to the needs and priorities of our clients.

We understand that distance and cost are factors to be considered hence we offer Interior design solutions and Architectural designs using the latest technology to meet the needs of our customers. All drawings are sent to you via email in PDF format. Digital photographs of work in progress (For interiors) are sent to you via email and real time monitoring (For construction). This ensures you have a clear indication whether or not the work is progressing as per your requirements